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Reviews of my work with women’s health… you’ll find testimonials on the main pages of the website and more here…

“If you are reading this the chances are you are potentially in the middle of a fertility minefield. If you're wondering whether making an appointment with Liz will make any difference then please BOOK ONE! Liz was invaluable to me on my fertility journey. Not only do I genuinely believe the treatments aided my body but, more than that, her guidance, advice and listening ear were invaluable to me in what can be an extremely lonely and confusing time. With so much conflicting information out there, so many questions and no one to ask them to, Liz was there for me. Whilst I'm sure not all stories have a happy ending, this one did (against all the odds) and I know that Liz's involvement played a huge part and I cannot thank her enough. x ” LB 2019 google

Liz has been such a great help during my difficult achievement to have a family! She was a very good listener and supportive with all the process I had to go through. In the end I have 2 wonderful children and I really think it worked so well thanks to her. PD 2019 google

"I have been seeing Liz for several years now. I honestly feel she has made a massive difference to my life in that the ‘black days’ as I put them have disappeared!
I have been through some emotional and physical struggles with being peri menopausal and Liz has managed to make me really enjoy life again.
In fact thanks to her advice I went to see my GP who confirmed what Liz had felt, that I was severely anaemic.
I would highly recommend seeing Liz to help through stress or life’s ups and downs but to also regulate hormones. Several of my clients have also used Liz for help with fertility and had some fantastic results.
We are very lucky to have Liz here in Olney" TJ 2018 facebook

"Well where do I start?! Amazing lady who helped me through good & bad times but finally saw my result in 2014 down to this woman! Liz thanks for having faith in me & help us conceive our little monkey who is now 3 and half! Recommend liz without a doubt xx" ML 2017 facebook

"Liz helped to make the entire IVF journey enjoyable. Although she specialises in accupuncture she draws on other areas such as nutrition that absolutely made a difference to our success. If you want someone personable, reliable, professional and very knowledgeable I would look no further than Liz. Her success rates speak for themselves." JH 2017 facebook

"I saw Liz throughout my IVF journey and I believe that she played a significant role in its success. It wasn't just the acupuncture but also the counselling, nutrition advice and stability that she provided that I believe really made the difference. My boy is now 3 years old! Thank you Liz " AK 2016 facebook

"Liz supported me with acupuncture both before and during IVF and was amazing. Not only was the accupuncture great, it was like having a second consultant to ask lots of questions to on what to expect at every stage, which helped keep my anxiety under control - we now have a healthy baby boy :) "   AS 2016 googlemaps

“I have been going to Liz now for a few months. She is very professional, knowledgeable & above all, personable. I look forward to my sessions every week! Nice to feel like someone is on this journey with you, always with an abundance of positivity!”  AL 2016 facebook

"Liz is a fantastic Acupuncturist and offers such an in depth knowledge of the human body in terms of fertility, nutrition and hormonal balance. Liz cured an itchy scalp condition which appeared after pregnancy and restored my hormone balance. She has also been with me on my ivf journey and her knowledge and empathy is second to none! She is a lovely lady to know and so supportive of her patients, both in terms of the physical treatment but emotionally as well. I highly recommend anyone considering acupuncture to contact Liz".  ST 2016 google

“I consulted Liz way back in Harley Street about nutrition after breast cancer and chronic fatigue, and at intervals since. Unusual depth and breadth of knowledge, a lively intelligence and remarkable empathy: it’s a rare combination, even in London. Brilliant”.  VL 2016 google+

“I cannot recommend Liz highly enough and best of all my little girl is proof her treatments really work”.  MG 2016 facebook

"Highly recommended. Liz is a specialist in her field and extremely knowledgeable. I found her treatments very beneficial and continue to benefit from the nutritional advice she gave which came as part of a 'package' of care. A very holistic approach to treatment looking at both emotional and physical well being."  JD 2016 facebook

"I've been seeing Liz over the past three years to control and improve my ME. In addition to helping me to get better and keep my ME under control, she has also helped me with the pain from a frozen shoulder and an injured knee, and has re-balanced my diet so I have lost some weight and have a good plan for keeping it off. As well as having loads of knowledge and expertise, she is an very sympathetic and jolly person, so you feel extremely relaxed while she is sticking pins in you. I would definitely recommend her."   CR 2016  https://www.facebook.com/LizJeannetAcupuncture/reviews

"Amazing!"   LW 2014  https://www.facebook.com/LizJeannetAcupuncture/reviews

"Liz is a very approachable acupuncturist and nutritionist, who takes the time to understand your needs before designing treatment to address those needs. Liz provides specialist advice in a way that is easy to understand, and her acupuncture skills give excellent results. I would not hesitate to recommend Liz to others."   CW 2012 linkedin

"Liz, is an exemplary professional and has treated me several times over the last few years. I can highly recommend her skill and knowledge as an acupuncturist, as she has saved me from enduring a lot of back pain on more than one occasion."   MH 2012 linkedin

"Liz has helped me several times over the years with different health problems ranging from irritable bowel syndrome through to depression. She's a lovely person - patient, sympathetic and extremely knowledgeable in several fields of complimentary medicine including acupuncture, homeopathic remedies and herbal medicine. Her advice has been invaluable to me and of great assistance in dealing with ill health. I strongly and warmly recommend her."   MM 2012 linkedin