"Excellent. Liz is lovely, very calming and easy to talk to. Treatment is very peaceful."

acupuncture for stress and anxiety London NW1 NW3 MK46 Liz Jeannet

acupuncture for stress and anxiety London NW1 NW3 MK46 Liz Jeannet

Stress and anxiety play a part in all of our lives at some time.  Panic attacks are now common in our society, often brought on by overwhelm, loss, bereavement, or conflict in the workplace or in our personal lives.  While short term stress can benefit the immune system, longterm stress and anxiety can diminish physical health, immune response and hormone balance.  Struggles with fertility now affect many couples. Whether it is the stress of trying to conceive, the anxiety of going through an IVF cycle, or the sadness of a miscarriage, the effect on mood can be intense at times.  

Acupuncture has been shown to reduce the production of stress hormones in response to stress, and it's calming effect can help bring you back to balance.   A number of acupuncture studies have demonstrated reduction of anxiety, depression and post-natal depression.  During pregnancy acupuncture offers a way of relaxing and reducing stress and anxiety at a time when you would prefer to avoid taking medication. 

"Highly recommend.  Liz's wholistic approach is difficult to find elsewhere, especially with a conventional medicine background. Liz has helped me with bereavement, stress, relationship difficulties, menopause, and overall weight."   see more testimonials here  

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