When you come for a consultation I may suggest you completing a 7 day food diary so that I can see if there are easy changes we can make to benefit fertility, support pregnancy, or alleviate symptoms.

It's best to choose a typical week for you to complete the diary so that any suggestions I make will be easy to maintain.

Things to  include...

  • everything that you eat for seven days (it is usually important to include the weekend as many of us eat differently then)
  • everything you drink
  • the times that you eat
  • brand names
  • if cooking at home a brief list of ingredients

Ideally complete the diary on either Word or Excel and email it to me.  I will then do some colour coding and some counts to help illustrate how your nutrition balance looks, and will email the chart back to you together with some ideas and suggestions for how that balance might be improved.  I may also suggest particular foods that will benefit you and your particular aims.