events & resources for fertility & stress

fertility events in London

  • The Fertility Show 1st-3rd November 2019 at Olympia. Many low cost talks by the leading doctors and specialists in fertility and IVF.

  • Open evenings are held at most IVF clinics so that prospective parents can learn more and see how the clinic feels. These are free but you need to book in advance. Check each clinic website for dates. While most clinics offer general open evening some offer some more specific events

fertility resources

  • Fertility Friend helpful information and charts for completing basal body temperature (BBT) charting to establish whether you are ovulating, and your hormone pattern through your cycle

  • British Fertility Society this public resources page has a helpful BFS Quick Guides section with explanations of tests, treatments and other support

  • Infertility Network international network with webinars and events relating to specific aspects of fertility

fertility blood tests

  • The Doctors Laboratory information about tests available which include Ovarian Reserve Profile, PCOS profile, Male Infertility Profile, and Comprehensive Semen Analysis. All tests require a request form.

  • The Clinic MK offers fertility blood tests including AMH, FSH and LH.

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Teapots, near Liz Jeannet Acupuncture Olney MK46

Teapots, near Liz Jeannet Acupuncture Olney MK46