“I found Liz at a particularly low point in my life while struggling with fertility problems...one of my happiest days was getting the results of my pregnancy test and sharing it with Liz. I cannot recommend her enough”. 
expert acupuncture for fertility Liz Jeannet London NW1 NW3 MK46

expert acupuncture for fertility Liz Jeannet London NW1 NW3 MK46

The aim of fertility treatment is not only to achieve pregnancy but to have the healthiest possible baby - at birth and for the rest of it's life.  The combination of acupuncture and nutrition works beautifully to support this.  A July 2016 acupuncture fertility study at the Homerton Hospital in London showed double the pregnancy rate with acupuncture treatment during the IVF cycle.  Whether you are trying to conceive naturally or planning an IVF cycle acupuncture and nutrition can help.

"I would not hesitate to recommend Liz to anyone looking for fertility acupuncture. I found her to be extremely knowledgeable and enjoyed her treatments. She has a unique, valuable mix of skills with her background in nursing, women's health, nutrition and TCM acupuncture. I always felt I got more than just an acupuncture treatment from her what with the nutritional advice she gave me to help with hormone balancing and a good chat too! Highly recommended. Thanks Liz."     

acupuncture for natural fertility

Benefits of acupuncture include... more regular menstrual cycles, regulating hormones, reduced anxiety, reduced BMI, reduced FSH and LH, increased oestrogen, more frequent and stronger ovulation, stronger luteal phase, and increased blood flow to the uterus to help build uterine lining.  All of these factors can contribute to improved fertility and pregnancy success.

acupuncture for ivf support

Studies show improved hormone balance, stress reduction, better embryo development, and increased IVF success with acupuncture.  Some studies have shown particular benefit from pre and post embryo transfer treatments.  A recent review suggests that it is most beneficial to have acupuncture through the IVF cycle rather than just at embryo transfer.  Please scroll down to see research.

acupuncture to help male fertility

Benefits to sperm motility, morphology, and fertilisation rate at IVF have also been observed in acupuncture studies, and it can be beneficial to treat the couple rather than just the woman. The effects of diet on sperm have been well studied.  Research on diet to improve sperm quality can be seen here and diet to improve egg quality here.    

the fertility treatment plan

It is ideal to start working with acupuncture and diet during the three months before conceiving as this is the time period affecting both egg and sperm quality.  It is a good idea to come and have an initial consultation quite early in the planning process so that diet changes can be introduced gradually.  We can then plan together what treatment you would like.

acupuncture for fertility and IVF - the research

acupuncture for IVF

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acupuncture to help male infertility