Fertility coaching for natural conception & ivf success

Fertility coaching can improve pregnancy rates and quality of life while trying to conceive (van Dijk et al, 2017) (Li et al, 2016).  I work with women, couples and sole parents. The component parts include…

Emotional & psychological support

  • listening

  • reducing anxiety

  • exploring feelings, emotions and goals

  • identifying and removing emotional blocks

  • guiding through your journey

Nutritional therapy

  • improving hormone balance and metabolism

  • improving oocyte quality

  • improving sperm quality

  • support with natural fertility and IVF cycles

  • preparing the body for pregnancy

Mentoring - practical guidance

  • assessing the stage you are at

  • discussing natural fertility monitoring & enhancement

  • suggesting investigations if needed

  • recommending specialists and clinics that are appropriate to you

  • support through each stage of IVF

I’m a qualified coach (University of Cambridge), also trained in The Fertile Body Method and mindfulness practice.  I have long experience as a specialist fertility nutritionist and acupuncturist, working alongside many IVF clinics both here and abroad, and have a background in nursing with obstetric experience.

fertility coaching & mentoring options

  • one off mentoring sessions

  • pre-conception preparation course

  • IVF support course

Sessions are in person or via Skype.

research links

Li et al. 2016  https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/26742022 6 month mindfulness program showed improved coping strategies and pregnancy rates in women undergoing their first IVF cycles

van Dijk et al. 2017  https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/28688924 a 26 week coaching program enhanced pregnancy rates