"I went to Liz to see whether acupuncture could help me with the side affects of hormone therapy treatment for cancer, particularly the hot flushes and tiredness. Liz provides much more than an acupuncture treatment. Each time I have visited her I have come away lighter, both emotionally and physically. Her holistic approach, and open, engaging style helps to clarify the issues that are impacting ones health and wellbeing. She is a great sounding board and support, in addition to her extensive acupuncture, nutrition and medical knowledge. This is definitely the best 'alternative' therapy I have ever invested in, I cannot recommend Liz's services highly enough. She has helped me through a very difficult period in my life and I have enjoyed a measurable improvement in my daily life - and you can't ask for more than that!"".

acupuncture for hormone balance and women’s health Liz Jeannet London W1 NW3 MK46

acupuncture for hormone balance and women’s health Liz Jeannet London W1 NW3 MK46

acupuncture for hormone balance, PCOS, endometriosis, thyroid health & hot flushes

2019 research studies so far have shown acupuncture to be effective in treating PMS, and performing better than NSAID’s for period pain. These build on 2018 reviews showing benefit for endometriosis pain, period pain and PMS. Previous trials have demonstrated help with hormone imbalance, stress, anxiety, sleep, weight problems, irregular periods, PCOS, vaginal pain, thyroid problems, cancer support, chemotherapy side effects, hot flushes and perimenopause .   

Hormone balance is affected by both diet and stress.  Combining acupuncture and nutritional therapy offers a gentle way of balancing hormones, regulating periods and benefiting health and fertility.  Several studies show reduction of menopausal hot flushes with acupuncture, and diet advice is always included to enhance the effect of acupuncture treatment. 

"Liz is an amazing lady who made me feel relaxed, confident and much healthier.  I can't recommend her as an acupuncturist highly enough.  My memories of visiting her were of seeing a warm, professional and extremely knowledgeable friend who was totally on my side. The experience has stayed with me and I can highly recommend a visit to see her.  I know I have spoken to her about weight, allergy and fertility issues and she has a wealth of information on all of these subjects."  

acupuncture for hormone balance and weight

  • acupuncture may help weight loss by regulating hormones in overweight people (Gucel et al. 2012)

acupuncture for painful periods (dysmenorrhea)

  • review studies

    • 17 randomised controlled trials (RCT) showed acupuncture performed better than NSAIDs in dysmenorrhea (Luo et al. 2019)

    • 60 RCT suggests that acupuncture is more effective than NSAIDs (Woo et al. 2018)

    • 10 studies show improvement in dysmenorrhea with acupuncture treatment (Smith et al. 2011)

  • small study shows acupuncture is as effective as NSAID's in treating dysmenorrhea (Kiran et al. 2013)

acupuncture for endometriosis pain

  • a meta-analysis of complementary therapies for endometriosis pain shows that acupuncture was the only therapy making a significant difference (Mira et al. 2018)

  • cross-over study showing that 10 acupuncture treatments significantly reduced pain intensity in endometriosis (Rubi-Klein et al. 2010)

  • small study indicating acupuncture may be effective for endometriosis pain relief in young women (Wayne et al. 2008)

acupuncture for premenstrual syndrome (PMS) 

  • review studies

    • 15 trials show acupuncture to be effective in treating PMS (Zhang et al. 2019)

    • Cochrane review of 5 studies concludes that acupuncture and acupressure may improve physical and psychological symptoms of PMS but more research is needed (Armour et al. 2018)

    • 19 acupuncture and herbal studies showed a 50% improvement in PMS and premenstrual mood disorder (Jang et al. 2014)

    • 10 RCTs show acupuncture treatment was superior to control groups in reducing PMS symptoms (Kim et al. 2011)

  • small study showing improvement of PMS symptoms with acupuncture (Anil et al. 2012)

acupuncture for vulvodynia and vaginal pain

  • the first RCT of acupuncture treatment of vulvodynia shows reduction in pain and improved sexual function in women with vaginal pain (Schlaeger et al. 2015)