how does acupuncture help PCOS?

PCOS affects each woman differently but common ways that it affects fertility include reduced ovulation, hormone imbalance, hyperactive but inefficient ovaries, reduced insulin sensitivity and increased weight.

Studies suggest that acupuncture may increase insulin sensitivity and reduce the effects of stress on metabolism, and that these changes improve hormone balance and ovarian health.

While not all studies show benefit the following acupuncture research on women with PCOS has shown…

acupuncture improves hormone balance, ovulation and ovarian health in PCOS

acupuncture improves insulin sensitivity and weight in PCOS

  • better than Metformin at improving menstrual regularity and reducing BMI with fewer adverse reactions (Zheng et al. 2013)

  • acupuncture plus metformin reduced weight and stabilised blood sugar more effectively than metformin alone (Firouzjaei et al. 2016)

  • animal study showed one acupuncture session improved insulin sensitivity in PCOS (Benrick et al. 2014)

acupuncture helps pregnancy rate in women with PCOS having IVF

  • improved pregnancy rate in women with PCOS having IVF and decreased risk of ovarian hyperstimulation (Jo & Lee, 2017)

how does acupuncture work to help PCOS?